Eligible students may withdraw from their classes during the withdraw schedule period that is provided for each session of a semester/term in the Academic Calendar. (Note: Students with the intent to withdraw from all of their classes must follow the Official/Total Withdraw Policy.)

Students in a 16-week session follow the following schedule:

After the fourth week through the eighth week students will receive an automatic W on their transcript.

After the eighth week, students will be assessed academically and, if they are failing at the time of withdrawal, they will be given a grade of WF (withdrawn failing) at the discretion of the faculty member. A WF is not calculated in the grade-point average. (Note: No retroactive WF changes will be made for any semester prior to Fall 2012.)

After the twelfth week students must petition their home academic unit before being allowed to withdraw from a course.

Students in 8-week courses follow a similar schedule.  See the academic calendar for specific dates.