Submission of Transcripts

Students must provide the law school with the student’s official transcripts verifying all academic credits undertaken and degree(s) conferred.  This does not apply to those who received their undergraduate degree from UMKC.

Official transcripts for any transfer student shall include verification of any academic credits undertaken at any other law school attended. 


The deadline for providing such official transcripts, whether a new or transfer student, depends on the first semester attending UMKC:

  •        Spring and Summer semesters– within 4 weeks of the first day of class.
  •        Fall semester – by October 15.


Students should provide either (1) a paper or electronic transcript certified by the issuing institution and delivered directly to the law school or (2) a paper or electronic transcript verified by a third-party credential assembly service and delivered directly to the law school.  


If students do not provide the required transcripts by appropriate deadline, a hold will be placed on their academic account and they will be unable to register for additional coursework or receive grades for any courses completed until the transcript has been provided.