G-PRAC 5710 Principles Of Pedodontics For General Practice Credits: 2

A lecture course presenting the basic concepts of diagnosis and treatment of the child in a general dental practice.

G-PRAC 5716 Special Problems In General Practice Dentistry I Credits: 1-6

Courses designed to provide the student with opportunities to work with consultants and specialists on the faculty of the dental school on cases which require the attention of a specialist.

G-PRAC 5717 Special Problems In General Practice Dentistry II Credits: 1-6

Prerequisites: G-PRAC 5716.

G-PRAC 5718 Special Problems In General Practice Dentistry III Credits: 1-6

Prerequisites: G-PRAC 5717.

G-PRAC 5721 General Practice Clinic I Credits: 1-10

G-PRAC 5722 General Practice Clinic II Credits: 1-10

G-PRAC 5723 General Practice Clinic III Credits: 1-10

G-PRAC 5728 Dental Implantology Credit: 1

The course is designed to include the following topics: history of implantology, implant materials and designs, fibroosseous and osseo-integration theories, bioinert and bioactive retention, indication and case selection, technique methodology, anatomical considerations and reasons for failure, prosthetic considerations using several systems and necessary radiographic aids, surgical stent and laboratory with simulated insertion of an implant.

G-PRAC 5740 Interdisciplinary Seminar I Credit: 1

The integration of common areas of concern in the clinical disciplines of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Periodontics and Prosthodontics as they relate to patient cases. Cases are presented that present problems in at least two clinical disciplines in the areas of Diagnosis, Treatment Programming or Therapy. The current literature is reviewed and the case discussed.

G-PRAC 5741 Interdisciplinary Seminar II Credits: 1-6

Prerequisites: G-PRAC 5740.

G-PRAC 5742 Interdisciplinary Seminar III Credit: 1

Prerequisites: G-PRAC 5741.

G-PRAC 5743 Interdisciplinary Seminar Iv Credit: 1

Prerequisites: G-PRAC 5742.

G-PRAC 5899 Required Graduate Enrollment Credit: 1