Repeated Courses & GPA Adjustment Policy

When undergraduate students repeat courses, they can request to have only the grade for the final attempt used in calculating their GPA. The Repeated Courses & GPA Adjustment Policy will not automatically be applied to a student’s GPA. After completing a retaken course, a student must submit a request for GPA Adjustment Form to his/her academic advisor. The recalculation of a student's GPA is reflected only in the calculation of that student's current cumulative GPA and will not retroactively affect calculations for dean’s list, graduation and honors, eligibility for financial aid and veterans’ benefits and scholarships, athletic eligibility, discounts for insurance, or any other area.

  • Courses in which academic dishonesty was involved are not eligible for GPA recalculation.
  • A student’s GPA can only be recalculated if the original and the repeated course are taken at UMKC or another UM System school.
  • The original course and the repeated course must be a direct equivalent.
  • Students may repeat a single course for GPA calculation twice (for a total of three completions). Please note that financial aid may not be available on a third completion if a passing grade was earned.
  • Repeated courses must be taken Fall 2007 or later.
  • Repeated courses may not be taken on a CR/NC basis.
  • Original grades cannot be replaced with a 'W', 'WF', 'I', or 'T.'
  • No more than 15 semester hours can be dropped from the calculation of a student's GPA by repeating course work.
  • Requests approved for GPA recalculation will prefix the original grade with an "R." Transcripts will note that such grades are excluded from GPA calculations.
  • Courses cannot be repeated for credit towards the degree unless specifically noted.
  • The course repeat option is not available when requested for a term that was a part of a previous degree award.
  • Once the GPA recalculation has been recorded, the action cannot be rescinded.

Refer to the appropriate School or College section of the undergraduate catalog for information on specific rules for course repeats. Some academic units may have more stringent requirements on course repeats.