Minimum Standards of Progress for Veterans

Veterans Affairs regulations require that all veterans drawing VA educational benefits at UMKC must comply with the Veterans Affairs Minimum Standards of Progress. These standards dictate that the veteran must be making satisfactory progress toward a degree while enrolled. The University's academic and probation policies have been approved by the Veterans Affairs as those Minimum Standards of Progress.

Undergraduate Student

Undergraduate degree-seeking students' academic status is assessed at the end of every term, whether the student is full-time or part-time for that term. A summer session is considered the same as a semester for the purpose of the following regulations:

  1. In general, students will be placed on academic probation whenever their official UM grade-point average falls below 2.0 (C average). Some academic units may have a higher grade-point average requirement. New freshman admitted to UMKC on the basis of high school records, who have grade-point averages between 1.50 and 1.99 at the end of the first semester of either full- or part-time study will be placed on academic warning. Students on academic warning must achieve an overall C average by the end of their second semester or be placed on regular probation. They then would be subject to the regular probation requirements.
  2. Students on academic probation will be restored to good standing when their UM grade-point average reaches 2.0 or the GPA level established by their academic units.
  3. Students on academic probation must maintain the grade-point average required by their academic units during each subsequent semester or summer session while on probation. Otherwise, they are ineligible to re-enroll without the approval of the academic units.
  4. Students on academic probation must remove themselves from probation within three successive semesters (including the semester in which they originally were placed on probation). Otherwise, they are ineligible to re-enroll without the approval of the academic units.
  5. Students are responsible for knowing their academic status by referring to the term grade reports and their permanent academic records in the UMKC Records Office.

Graduate and Professional Students

Because there may be some variation in the academic and probation policies in the various graduate and professional schools within the University, reference should be made to the appropriate sections in this catalog.


Institutional policy relating to conduct for veteran students is the same as for all other students. Statement of requirements is shown elsewhere in this catalog.

Student Records

Adequate records are kept by the school to show the progress of each eligible veteran. The records are sufficient to show continued pursuit at the rate for which enrolled and the progress being made.

These records include the final grade in each subject completed and a record of the date of withdrawal from any class the veteran does not complete. The last date of attendance must be reported to the Veterans Affairs.

No veteran will be considered to have made satisfactory progress when the veteran fails all subjects undertaken except with a show of mitigating circumstances, when enrolled in two or more unit subjects. This is immediately reported to Veterans Affairs. The determination for the continuance of benefits is made by the regional office of the Veterans Affairs.