SPANISH 110 Elementary Spanish I Credits: 3

The goals of this course are an ability to speak and to understand simple (spoken) Spanish as well as to read and write simple prose.

SPANISH 110 - MOTR LANG 103: Spanish I

SPANISH 120 Elementary Spanish II Credits: 3

Continuation of SPANISH 110.

Prerequisites: SPANISH 110.

SPANISH 120 - MOTR LANG 104: Spanish II

SPANISH 211 Second Year Spanish I Credits: 3

Further development of comprehension and communicative skills in the language. Readings of moderate difficulty and grammar review. Practice in writing. The goal is attainment of intermediate proficiency in the language.

Prerequisites: SPANISH 120.

SPANISH 216 Spanish For The Health Sciences Credits: 3

This course will enable the student to converse with Hispanic patients and/or hospital personnel in situations such as admissions, patient care, lab work as ordered by a physician or dentist, emergency room procedures, etc. In addition, medical readings in Spanish will give professional and paraprofessional students an increased vocabulary related to the many fields within the health sciences. This course will satisfy one semester of the A&S language requirement.

Prerequisites: One year of college Spanish.

SPANISH 221 Second Year Spanish II Credits: 3

Continuation of SPANISH 211.

SPANISH 280 Special Intermediate Spanish Topics I Credits: 2-4

Instruction of Spanish on the second-year/intermediate level introducing new methods of foreign language teaching or special texts and topics not normally offered through regular courses. May not be repeated for credit.

Prerequisites: Elementary I and II college-level courses.

SPANISH 290 Special Intermediate Spanish Topics II Credits: 2-4

Continuation of SPANISH 280. May not be repeated for credit.

SPANISH 301 Introduction To Literary Studies Credits: 3

Emphasis will be placed on the study of literary theory and the philosophical ideas behind the literary movements, their relations and differences. A representative work or works of each genre will be thoroughly studied and analyzed. Critical reports will be written about different features of the literary works under consideration. Strongly recommended for all majors, to be taken before 400-level literature courses.

Prerequisites: SPANISH 315.

SPANISH 315 Intermediate Conversation And Composition I Credits: 3

Grammar review, practice in speaking and writing Spanish; emphasis on idiomatic usage and practical vocabulary. Required for major.

Prerequisites: SPANISH 221.

SPANISH 325 Intermediate Conversation And Composition II Credits: 3

Continuation of SPANISH 315. Required for major.

Prerequisites: SPANISH 315.

SPANISH 350 Continental Spanish Civilization Credits: 3

General cultural characteristics of Spain. Readings from representative literary works.

SPANISH 351 Latin American Civilization Credits: 3

Historical development of Latin America. Readings from representative literary works.

SPANISH 365 The Search For Mexican Identity Credits: 3

The goal of the course is to familiarize the student with the poignant search for self awareness and definition witnessed in the letters and fine arts of Mexico in the 20th-century. Readings will include works by Vasconcelos, Reyes, Ramos, Paz, Rulfo and Fuentes, and will be complemented by slide presentations of pertinent works by major artists.

SPANISH 373 History Of Spanish Literature I Credits: 3

A study of the development of Spanish peninsular literature from the Middle Ages to 1700.

Prerequisites: SPANISH 315 & SPANISH 325.

SPANISH 374 History Of Spanish Literature II Credits: 3

A study of the development of Spanish peninsular literature from 1700 to present.

Prerequisites: SPANISH 315 & SPANISH 325.

SPANISH 380 Special Topics Credits: 1-3

Treatment of a particular genre or area of literature or language normally not offered through regular courses. May be repeated for credit when the topic changes.

SPANISH 383 Introduction To Spanish American Literature I Credits: 3

The colonial period. Selected readings in historical and literary material from the time of the conquest to the period of struggle for independence.

Prerequisites: SPANISH 315.

SPANISH 384 Introduction To Spanish American Literature II Credits: 3

The 19th and 20th-centuries. Selected readings from prose and poetry of Spanish-American writers.

Prerequisites: SPANISH 315.

SPANISH 385 Commercial Spanish Credits: 3

Business practices in correspondence in the Spanish language; special vocabulary of business, trade, banking and administration. Refinement of grammatical and stylistic skills. Subjects treated include price inquiries, quotations, offers, orders, complaints, administrative, banking and diplomatic correspondence.

Prerequisites: SPANISH 221.

SPANISH 403 History of the Spanish Language Credits: 3

An introduction to the history of the Spanish language from Latin to the present, with an overview of dialects in the Peninsula and in the Americas.

Prerequisites: SPANISH 325 or higher grammar class.

SPANISH 414 Early 20th Century Peninsular Literature: From the Generation of 1898 to Surrealism Credits: 3

Selected readings in Spanish narrative, poetry, drama and philosophical essay from the beginning of the 20th Century to the Avant-Garde movements in the 1930's.

SPANISH 415 Advanced Conversation And Composition I Credits: 3

Continued practice in speaking and writing Spanish, with attention to the elements of style. Continued in SPANISH 425. First semester required of all majors and second semester recommended. Both semesters required of prospective high school teachers. Either or both semesters may be repeated with the consent of the instructor and the Spanish section head. No more than six hours credit may be applied towards a degree.

Prerequisites: SPANISH 325.

SPANISH 416 Medieval Spanish Literature Credits: 3

From the Cantar de Mio Cid to 1499.

SPANISH 417 Spanish-American Lyric Poetry Credits: 3

A survey of poetry in Spanish America from Colonial times to World War II, including a study of the most representative poets and their writings.

SPANISH 418 Romantic Movement In Spain Credits: 3

The origin and development of romantic literature against the historical and ideological background of the first half of the 19th century. Various literary genres will be studied; these will include works by Rivas, Espronceda, Larra, Zorrilla, Gil y Carrasco, Becquer and others.

SPANISH 420 Cervantes' Don Quixote, Part I Credits: 3

An intensive reading of the first part of Cervantes' novel, Don Quixote.

SPANISH 421 Cervantes'Don Quixote, Part II Credits: 3

An intensive reading of the second part of Cervantes' novel, Don Quixote. Part One is not a prerequisite.

SPANISH 425 Advanced Conversation And Composition II Credits: 3

Continuation of SPANISH 415. See SPANISH 415. Required for teacher certification in Spanish.

Prerequisites: SPANISH 415.

SPANISH 426 Golden Age Drama Credits: 3

The development of the Spanish drama from Lope's youth to the death of Calderon.

SPANISH 427 Pre-Columbian And Spanish Colonial Literature Credits: 3

A study of the pre-Columbian works in drama, narrative, and poetry (Popol Vuh, Apu-Ollantay, Incan and Aztec poetry) leading into a survey of Spanish-American colonial literature.

SPANISH 428 Contemporary Spanish Poetry Credits: 3

A comprehensive and intensive study of 20th-century Spanish poetry. Poets and poetry will be studied in the light of literary movements, foreign influences, political tendencies and philosophical ideas.

SPANISH 429 The Novel Of The Mexican Revolution Credits: 3

The revolution as the principal focus of 20th-century Mexican fiction. The course will examine both the evolving understanding of the event/process and the sophistication of narrative technique employed in its presentation. Among the writers to be studied are Azuela, Guzman, Lopez y Fuentes, Yanez, Revueltas, Rulfo and Fuentes.

SPANISH 430 Spanish Mysticism Credits: 3

An examination of the development of mysticism in Oriental and Occidental civilizations, with emphasis on the great periods of mystic experience as reflected in the literary production of the Spanish Golden Age. Readings could include the works of Fray Luis de Granada, Fray Luis de Leon, Saint John of the Cross and Saint Teresa of Avila.

SPANISH 431 The Golden Age Novel Credits: 3

A study of major prose works of the Golden Age. Possible topics include authorship, innovative narrative techniques, textual strategies and metafiction issues. Readings could include works by Alfonso Martinez de Toledo, Diego de San Pedro, Fernando de Rojas, Francisco Delicado, Cervantes, and Lope de Vega.

SPANISH 432 Pastoral Literature Credits: 3

A study of the development of pastoral literature during the Spanish Golden Age. Possible texts: Juan del Encina's Eclogues, Montemayor's Los siete libros de la Diana and Cervantes' Galatea. These works will be examined within their historical and cultural context.

SPANISH 433 Cervantes' Exemplary Novels Credits: 3

A study of Cervantes' Exemplary Novels within the context of 17th-Century Spain. Attention will be paid to interpretive possibilities and how knowledge of historical contexts might influence readings of this rich and varied cultural output.

SPANISH 434 The Picaresque Novel Credits: 3

A study of the development of picaresque fiction during the Spanish Golden Age. The course deals with novelists principally active during the Baroque period such as Mateo Aleman, Francisco Lopez de Ubeda, Miguel de Cervantes, and Francisco de Quevedo.

SPANISH 435 Peninsular Poetry Credits: 3

This course is a survey of poetics and poetry in Spain from the Reconquest to the present, with emphasis on socio-historical contexts and movements. It examines theoretical and methodological approaches to literary analysis and also provides practical experience in exploring poetic texts. Students will analyze a wide spectrum of poems, while discussing the cultural, philosophical, linguistic, political and ethical considerations that surround the reception of a text.

SPANISH 436 Spain's Transition to Democracy: Literature and Film Credits: 3

This course reviews the cultural production between the death of Francisco Franco in 1975 and the entrance in the European Union in film, literature and music, within its historical and political context.

SPANISH 450 Modern Classics Of Latin American Literature Credits: 3

The goal of the course is to familiarize the student with the principal Latin American writers of the modern period. The focus will be dual: the progressive sophistication of literary technique and the refinement of social conscience. Among the authors to be studied are: Asturias, Borges, Carpentier, Cortazar, Donoso, Fuentes, Garcia Marquez, Paz, Rulfo and Vargas Llosa.

SPANISH 453 Spanish-American Short Story Credits: 3

A study of Spanish-American short stories from Romanticism to the present.

SPANISH 460 U.S.-Latino Literature Credits: 3

An interdisciplinary approach to U.S.-Latino Studies, including both literary and cultural texts. The course will be taught in English, the language in which the texts are produced.

SPANISH 480 Special Topics Credits: 1-3

Each time this course is offered a particular genre or area of literature will be treated. Topics will be announced in advance. May be repeated for credit when the topic changes.

SPANISH 490 Special Readings Credits: 1-3

Intensive readings in field or literary figure to be selected by the student in consultation with the instructor. Available, by permission only, to advanced students of Spanish; available only when student cannot take regularly scheduled courses.

Prerequisites: 3.0 GPA.

SPANISH 499 Senior Seminar (Capstone) Credits: 3

Required for major. Covers seminal works of Peninsular and Latin American literature in their historical and cultural context. Course content varies, but will include such elements as geography, politics, folklore, history of the language, architecture, art and music. To be taken during final Fall Semester of residence.

Prerequisites: 18 hours beyond first year.