UMKC AIDS Policy Statement

To address special needs of the University of Missouri-Kansas City, the following policy is in effect:

Faculty, staff and students should be aware that discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, age and disability (to include AIDS), is prohibited by state law. All are expected to conduct university-related activities without any such discrimination. Failure to fulfill these obligations may subject faculty, staff and students to disciplinary action. Such action shall be taken in accordance with the following University of Missouri procedures: Rules of Procedure in Student Disciplinary Matters and the Dismissal for Cause Procedure.

Those who feel they may have been discriminated against may use the Equity Resolution Processes outlined in Chapter 600: Equal Employment/Educational Opportunity, of the Collected Rules and Regulations, or contact UMKC Equity & Title IX.

This statement is based on the recommendations of the Missouri Human Rights Commission and is in accordance with the statements of professional responsibility and codes of ethics of the Association of American Medical Colleges, the American Medical Association, the American Dental Association, and the National League of Nursing.