Transfer Credit Policy

Transfer credit is entered and reviewed on a course‐by‐course basis from the sending institution. If the course has been previously evaluated by an Academic Unit, the course equivalency is stored in the transfer credit database and credit is assigned based on those prior decisions. If the transcript is for a new course, new institution, or out‐of‐state institution, equivalencies for general education courses are determined by the Transfer Credit Coordinator in the Registrar's Office. If the course is college level and an exact equivalency is unknown, elective credit is assigned and review of the course is completed by the Academic Unit to determine degree applicability. If the Transfer Credit Coordinator is unable to determine if a course should receive elective credit, the process for an Academic Unit evaluation is initiated by sending a course description (and syllabus, if available) to the Academic Unit for review. The transfer credit database is updated with the Academic Unit evaluation to ensure consistency in credit assignment going forward for that course.

Transfer credit evaluations may find coursework to be an exact UMKC equivalency, non‐exact equivalent that are identified as elective credit, or not accepted in transfer. The sending institution determines the level (lower level/upper level) of the course. The Office of the Registrar maintains a transfer equivalency database of all evaluated courses. This database is available to both current and prospective students within Pathway, (UMKC's course enrollment system) and Transferology (UMKC's course transfer database). Only transfer credit from a UM‐system school is including in the UMKC GPA calculation.