Minor: Medieval and Early Modern Studies

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • identify primary documents and artifacts of the medieval and early modern world.
  • identify methodologies used in the various disciplines that contribute to medieval and early modern studies.
  • communicate results of investigations effectively in expository prose, oral presentations, or electronic media.

Undergraduate students in any major may seek an interdisciplinary minor in Medieval and Early Modern Studies (MEMS). The minor offers students an interdisciplinary opportunity to focus their studies in early literatures, history, and culture. Students complete an 18-credit program of study, with upper-level courses from at least two disciplines. Completion of the Medieval and Early Modern Studies minor is recorded on the student's transcript. Students must declare their intention to pursue the minor on the “Declaration of Major” form and should meet with the MEMS program director. Twelve (12) credit hours must be taken at UMKC.

For a list of classes fulfilling the Medieval and Early Modern Studies Minor requirements each semester, please consult the MEMS program director. Courses in Medieval and Early Modern Studies are found primarily in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, but there are also courses offered in the Conservatory. Courses that fulfill the requirements of the minor are those which focus on the medieval and early modern periods, as well as directed readings courses or independent studies courses with affiliated faculty. Special topics courses and similar offerings can be approved on a case-by-case basis by the program director.


Total of 18 credit hours with at least 15 credits at the 300-400 level from approved courses, distributed as follows:

  • At least 6 credits from at least two disciplines (ex: 6 cr. English, 12 cr History OR 6 cr. French, 6 cr. Spanish, 6 cr. Philosophy)
  • No more than 9 credits may also count for major field
  • May replace 3 credits of traditional coursework with 3 credits of independent study/directed readings
  • May replace 3 credits of traditional coursework with 3 credits of language study in Latin or Greek
  • May replace 3 credits at the 300-400 level with one course at the 200-level
  • Twelve (12) credit hours must be taken at UMKC.

Strongly Recommended:

  • The equivalent of two years of college-level coursework in Latin (i.e. successful completion of LATIN 221 at UMKC or its equivalent)
  • Medieval Methods and Paleography (ENGLISH 464)

Examples of courses fulfilling the requirements:

ART-HIST 201From Cave Paintings to Cathedrals3
ART-HIST 202From Michelangelo to Modernism3
ART-HIST 482WIScope and Methods of Art History3
CLASSICS 340AWIClassical Literature In Translation3
ENGLISH 317British Literature I3
ENGLISH 318Bible As Literature3
ENGLISH 323Shakespeare3
ENGLISH 325Arthurian Legends3
ENGLISH 330History Of The English Language3
ENGLISH 404Old English3
ENGLISH 477MSMedieval Studies3
ENGLISH 477EMEarly Modern Studies3
ENGLISH 477ES18th-Century Studies3
FRN-LNG 302Love and Death in European Medieval Literature3
FRENCH 477LCThemes in French and Francophone Literature & Culture3
FRENCH 477MEFrench & Francophone Literature & Culture: Medieval to Enlightenment3
HISTORY 201European History to 16003
HISTORY 206World History To 14503
HISTORY 302Colonial North America, 1492–17633
HISTORY 303The American Revolution, 1763-17893
HISTORY 306AHistory of Christianity to the Middle Ages3
HISTORY 307AHistory of Christianity from the Middles Ages to Present3
HISTORY 405Colonial Latin America (From the Encounter to the Early 19th Century)3
HISTORY 411AMedieval Civilization I3
HISTORY 411BMedieval Civilization II3
HISTORY 414Reformation3
HISTORY 416RThe French Revolution and Napoleon3
HISTORY 431RHistory of the British Isles, ca. 500 to 15003
HISTORY 432RTudor England, 1485-16033
HISTORY 433RHistory of Britain 1603-18323
HISTORY 445ROttoman History in the Middle East to World War I3
HISTORY 472Ancient Rome3
HISTORY 474Late Antiquity: The Transformation of the Mediterranean World (200–600 AD)3
HISTORY 476Medieval Jewish History3
PHILOS 310WIAncient Philosophy3
PHILOS 320WIHistory of Modern Philosophy3
SPANISH 403History of the Spanish Language3
SPANISH 427Pre-Columbian And Spanish Colonial Literature3
THEATRE 350Theatre History I3
CONSVTY 351History of Music in Western Civilization I3