POL-SCI 5501 Seminar in American Government Credits: 3

A seminar involving intense examination of the foundations, development, and structure of American national government through study of a broad range of classic materials and current research findings; course will prepare a political science graduate student to teach an introductory college course in American government.

Prerequisites: Graduate Standing.

POL-SCI 5505 Scope And Methods Of Political Science Credits: 3

This seminar surveys the various descriptive and quantitative approaches to the study of politics, government and public policy. It covers the methods used in various sub-disciplines and the models employed in political analysis.

POL-SCI 5506 Research Design and Analysis Credits: 3

This course focuses on methods of data gathering, management, and analysis used in political science research. Students gain an understanding of different types of data including surveys, experiments, and archival records. The curriculum will also include ways that these data are managed and analyzed, and how the results are presented in a useful manner.

POL-SCI 5513 Seminar in Comparative Politics Credits: 3

A survey of the major research in comparative politics including state building, democracy, economic development, and political violence.

POL-SCI 5521 Judicial Politics Credits: 3

This course addresses broad trends of current research in the area of the judicial process based on empirical studies and the various methodological tools currently used by researchers. Case studies may be used to illustrate in depth the institutional aspects of the judicial process. Biographies may also be used to emphasize the personal and environmental factors which affect judicial decision making.

POL-SCI 5522 Seminar In The Presidency Credits: 3

Critical examination of the American presidency, with in-depth research into selected themes and presidents.

Prerequisites: POL-SCI 406.

POL-SCI 5524 Urban Politics Credits: 3

A seminar on politics and government in urban areas with special attention to community leadership, power structures, interest group and party activity, political behavior, and movements toward local government reform.

POL-SCI 5530 Seminar in International Relations Credits: 3

This course examines major schools of thought and contemporary research in international relations. Topics discussed include international systems, the causes of war and peace, collective security, and international political economy.

POL-SCI 5541 American Political Thought Credits: 3

This course will focus on intellectual reactions to the major periods in American history (the movement for independence, the writing of the constitution, the Jacksonian period, the civil war debate, the growth of big business, the rise of the positive state and contemporary America). Contemporary theorists will be included along with Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton and Marshall.

POL-SCI 5542 Constitutional Interpretation Credits: 3

This course will provide an in-depth treatment of selected areas of constitutional development, related to various aspects of public policy developed under the Constitution through judicial interpretation, including federalism, equality, fundamental rights and freedom of expression.

POL-SCI 5570 The Politics Of Social Security Credits: 3

This course will concentrate upon the principles of social insurance in general, and of the American Social Security system in particular. It will consider the system in relation to the history and traditions of American society. It will analyze popular misconceptions and will pay special attention to the political, economic, and demographic issues relevant to Social Security's current operation and to the program's future.

POL-SCI 5575 Political Ideologies Credits: 3

Consideration of political ideologies and their effects, with in-depth research into selected topics.

POL-SCI 5580 Government And Politics Seminar Credits: 3

Offered as a special seminar in the individual faculty member's area of research specialization. The seminar may be repeated for credit when the topic varies. The topic and instructor will be announced in advance.

POL-SCI 5590 Directed Studies And Research Credits: 1-6

Under the direction of the instructor, students in this course will produce a major research paper: a self-contained thesis chapter, an article for publication or the equivalent. May be repeated for credit.

POL-SCI 5599 Thesis Credits: 1-6

Directed specialized research.

POL-SCI 5688 Doctoral Research Seminar Credits: 3

Students will produce a major research paper under the direction of the instructor. The research project will consist of a self-contained chapter of the dissertation or a work of publishable quality. May be repeated for credit.

POL-SCI 5697 Doctoral-Level Independent Readings Credits: 3

Individual readings under the supervision of members of the Political Science Graduate or Doctoral Faculty in the specified topic or topics. May be repeated. May not be taken during an academic year in which a graduate course or seminar is offered on the topic.

POL-SCI 5697A Doctoral-Level Ir: American National Politics And Institutions Credits: 3

POL-SCI 5697I Doctoral-Level Ir: International Politics And Processes Credits: 3

POL-SCI 5697L Doctoral-Level Ir: Public Law Credits: 3

POL-SCI 5697O Doctoral-Level Ir: Public Opinion And Voter Behavior Credits: 3

POL-SCI 5697R Doctoral-Level Ir: Research Methods Credits: 3

POL-SCI 5697T Doctoral-Level Ir: Political Theory Credits: 3

POL-SCI 5697U Doctoral-Level Ir: Urban And State Politics Credits: 3

POL-SCI 5699 Research And Dissertation Credits: 1-12

Directed specialized research.

POL-SCI 5899 Required Graduate Enrollment Credit: 1