Human Behavior, Education, and Justice MAP

First Year
Fall SemesterCreditsSpring SemesterCredits
GEFSE 1013UNIV 1022
ENGLISH 1103Exploratory/Critical Course3
STAT 115 (or other Math Pathway Course)*3GECRT-AH 1XX or GECRT-SC 1XX3
GECRT-AH 1XX or GECRT-SC 1XX or Exploratory/Critical Course (see below)3Foreign Language, MATH or STAT3
UNIV 100 (may be required)1 
 16 14
Total Credits: 30
Exploratory/Critical Courses
GECRT-SS 101Why Though?3
GECRT-SS 102Culture through the Camera Lens (or GECRT-SS H102)3
GECRT-SS 104Before the Opening: The Business of Making Art3
GECRT-SS 105Perspectives on Gender and the Economy3
GECRT-SS 107Lies, Rumors, and Conspiracy Theories3
GECRT-SS 108What's Race Got To Do With It?3
GECRT-SS 111Health Issues in Aging3
COMM-ST 110Fundamentals Of Effective Speaking And Listening3
COMM-ST 277Interpersonal Communication3
ANTHRO 103Introduction To Cultural Anthropology3
CJC 101Introduction To Criminal Justice3
COMM-ST 220Introduction: Modern Communications Media3
COMM-ST 203Introduction to Journalism3
HISTORY 101U.S. History to 18773
HISTORY 102U.S. History Since 18773
HISTORY 201European History to 16003
HISTORY 202European History since 16003
HISTORY 206World History To 14503
HISTORY 208World History since 14503
PHILOS 210Introduction to Philosophy3
PHILOS 222Foundations Of Logic and Scientific Reasoning3
POL-SCI 210American Government3
POL-SCI 220Introduction To Comparative Politics3
POL-SCI 221Introduction to Comparative Politics and Research3
PSYCH 210General Psychology3
PSYCH 212Social Psychology *3
PSYCH 217Academic and Career Opportunities in Psychology *+3
SOCIOL 101Sociology: An Introduction3
SOCIOL 203Social Problems3
SOCIOL 211Social And Psychological Development Through The Life Cycle3
TCH-ED 160Introduction to Teaching3
TCH-ED 201Children's Literature3
URBAN ST 101Introduction To Urban Studies3
UPD 260History Of Planning And Urban Design3
CJC 301Theoretical Criminology3
COMM-ST 308Introduction To The Study Of Human Communication3