Master of Health Professions Education

Program Overview

The Masters Degree in Health Professions Education (MHPE) provides an educational research foundation for teaching, assessment and leadership in health professions education. The MHPE curriculum is focused on the application of learning principles to educational practice. All courses emphasize an applied project based on students’ professional experiences. The educational portfolio serves as an integrative tool across courses and as a showcase for student accomplishments.

Program Features

  • Inter-professional–For all health education professionals
  • Educational research foundation–Evidence-based decision making
  • Application–Based on solving real instructional problems in health professions education
  • Professional Portfolio–Documents learning goals and accomplishments
  • Online–Most coursework is online with occasional synchronous sessions; exception is blended simulation course

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • Design evidence-based educational programs and materials with appropriate scope, sequence, and focus for learners.
  • Deliver curricula using educational theories, effective teaching methods, and technologies in large group, small group and clinical settings.
  • Effectively use assessment tools to reflect student progress and to promote student learning.
  • Identify, interpret, and apply research to inform work as a health professions educator.
  • Identify current issues, policies, and organizational structures in health professions education and monitor changes in the field.
  • Develop tools and processes to evaluate curricula, policies, and program effectiveness, as well as implement effective innovations.
  • Provide effective, reflective, and evidence-based leadership in various contexts encompassed by health professions education.
  • Foster inclusive and equitable learning environments, organizational structures, and inter-disciplinary engagement in a variety of settings.
  • Contribute to excellence in health professions education and advancement of the health professions education community.

Degree Requirements

A minimum of 33 credit hours are required to earn the Master of Health Professions Education degree; 24 credit hours of required course work and 9 credit hours of elective coursework.  Students must complete the program of study while maintaining a 3.0 or better grade point average.

Required Courses (8 x 3 CH = 24 CH)

  • HPRE 5500 Leadership and Administration in Health Professions Education
  • HPRE 5508 Principles and Methods of Research
  • HPRE 5522 Curriculum Design in Health Professions Education
  • HPRE 5530 Current Issues in Health Professions Education
  • HPRE 5550 Assessment in Health Professions Education
  • HPRE 5560 Teaching in Health Professions Education
  • HPRE 5580  Program Evaluation in Health Professions Education
  • HPRE 5588 Learning Portfolio in Health Professions Education

Elective Courses, students select three from the approved list (3 x 3 CH = 9 CH)

  • HPRE 5565 Simulation for Health Professions Education
  • HPRE 5557 Culturally Competent Health Professions Education
  • MEDB  5501 Applied Biostatistics I
  • MEDB 5502 Applied Biostatistics II
  • EDUC-CI 5570 Curriculum and Instruction in Technology
  • MEDB 5563 Implementation Science in Health 

Admission Requirements

Please visit our Admissions Page to learn about our requirements.