Total Withdrawals

Official withdrawals may be done by mail when a student is unable to appear in person (for example, if you are out of town or suffering from an illness or accident) or if the Registrar's Office is closed or Pathway is down (for example, during a power outage) and you wish to receive a refund. The postmark on the envelope is used as the refund date.

Transcript notations are determined based on the time of the semester the withdrawal occurs.

Students wishing to withdraw from all of their classes must complete a term withdrawal survey available at

The following actions are not considered official notification of withdrawal.

  • Assuming classes will be cancelled because of nonpayment of tuition and fees by the student.
  • Failure to attend class.
  • Giving notice to an instructor.
  • Stopping payment on a check used to pay fees.
  • Crossing out courses on a schedule.
  • Returning only partial payment to the Cashier's Office.
  • Verbal notice to any University office or employee.