Sociology (SOCIOL)


SOCIOL 5501 Social Theory I Credits: 3

Examines the development of social theory in Europe up to the beginning of the twentieth century, with a focus on its intellectual precursors of social theory, debates over the nature of society, and controversies over the distinct features of sociology as an emerging academic discipline. The major perspectives covered include the intellectual origins of sociological thought in Great Britain, France, and Germany, and the debates as reflected in the writings of Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim, Max Weber, and Georg Simmel.

Prerequisites: undergraduate course in Sociological Theory.

SOCIOL 5502 Social Theory II Credits: 3

Examines the major sociological theories developed during the twentieth century and contemporary debates over the nature of society and the nature of our knowledge about society. Theories to be examined include behaviorism, symbolic interactionism, structural functionalism, phenomenology, conflict theory, postmodernism, those that attempt to integrate social agency and structure, and feminist theory.

Prerequisites: SOCIOL 5501.

SOCIOL 5503 Controversies In Contemporary Social Theory And Practice Credits: 3

This course critically examines central issues in contemporary debates among social theorists over the nature of society and how it should be studied.

SOCIOL 5510 Sociological Methods I Credits: 3

A survey of methods used by sociologists: selection and formulation of problem, research design, survey research, participant observation, sampling, reliability and validity, use of scales, and data analysis.

Prerequisites: SOCIOL 362.

SOCIOL 5511 Sociological Methods II Credits: 3

Quantitative research is the primary focus of the course; emphasis is placed on problem formulation; research design; sampling procedures; questionnaire construction and interviewing techniques; data collection; problems of scaling, validity and reliability; uses of secondary data sets; data analyses and report writing.

Prerequisites: SOCIOL 362.

SOCIOL 5516 Intermediate Statistics Credits: 3

A systematic development of the logic and practice of selected statistical methods used in sociological research. Included are analysis of variance and covariance, regression analysis, multiple contingency, and non-parametric tests.

Prerequisites: SOCIOL 363 or CJC 303.

SOCIOL 5530 Anthropology Of Gender Credits: 3

This class explores theories of the social construction of gender in cross-cultural contexts. It will also explore global issues of diversity, local and international politics, the economy and work, education, etc.

SOCIOL 5531 Feminist Theories Credits: 3

This class introduces the major feminist theories and their primary authors over the last 200 years. The class takes both an historical (we begin with two millennia of male-centered theories about women) and a conceptual approach (theories are grouped by common ground) and familiarizes the student with both the historical processes that necessitate feminist theories as well as with the breadth of the historically and currently available scholarship. Graduate students are expected to fulfill all undergraduate requirements at graduate-level quality, including independent research components; in addition, graduate students are required to be prepared to lead class discussions.

Prerequisites: WGS 201.

SOCIOL 5534 Spatial Thinking in Social Science Credits: 3

This course will review ways in which social scientists have incorporated the concepts of space, place, and distance into their theories and research. Readings will be drawn from interdisciplinary work in the areas of urban sociology, criminology, health and demography that deal with spatial organization of communities and cities, spatial disparity of health and crimes, and mobility.Generic computer file management skills are required and knowledge of research methods is desirable.

SOCIOL 5537 Anthropology of Religion Credits: 3

This course explores the ways anthropologists have gone about studying religion from the opening decades of the 20th century to present. The course introduces students to the diversity of human religious expression and experience through anthropological literature and to the diversity of anthropological expression especially as it has been revealed in social scientific studies of religious life. The course is designed to generate a critical dialogue about the special role that religion has played in the ongoing anthropological engagement with 'other' societies and cultures over time.

SOCIOL 5538 Gender, Work And Social Change Credits: 3

This course examines the role of gendered work and consumption in global social change. Drawing from sociological perspectives on gender and work, this course foregrounds a global comparative analysis of societal development and working contexts, including tourism employment, sex work, domestic work, and agricultural, garment, and informatics production. Graduate students are required to carry out independent research or complete work in the area of public sociology and academic-service learning. Students will write a conference paper or journal quality article from this research.

SOCIOL 5540 Urban Social Structure Credits: 3

An examination of the social structure of the American city with special reference to the historical development of American cities. Attention will be focused on the role of social institutions as they have changed in relation to urban problems.

SOCIOL 5550 Sociology Of Aging Credits: 3

A seminar in which theoretical orientations, methodologies, and findings from crosscultural and community research in gerontology are systematically reviewed, within a social change framework.

SOCIOL 5554 Sociology Of The Aging Woman Credits: 3

An exploration of the intersection of gender and aging issues with special attention to cultural images of women, the development of self-concept and identity in mid-life and beyond, caring roles in the family, work and retirement, and health and mental health issues. These issues are examined within the context of social class, race, and ethnicity. Implications for community programs and social policy are considered. Graduate students will be expected to carry out a research project and to lead a class session.

SOCIOL 5556 Aging And Developmental Disabilities Credits: 2

This course explores the experience of aging with a developmental disability or mental retardation within the context or normative aging. Among the comparisons made between older persons with and without developmental disabilities are their demographic characteristics, physical and cognitive functioning, role transitions and losses, identities and self-concepts, and family and caregiving issues. Policies, programs, and emerging concepts of best practices are considered within the context of quality of life, ethical, and community inclusion bases.

SOCIOL 5557 Practicum In Aging And Developmental Disabilities Credit: 1

Students gain experience in working with and defining issues of older persons with developmental disabilities through placements in sheltered workshops, senior centers, residential group homes, and other community-based programs.

Co-requisites: SOCIOL 5556.

SOCIOL 5560 Sociology Of Death And Dying Credits: 3

This course examines attitudes, behaviors, and institutions related to death and dying in contemporary American society. Topics include the meanings of death in American society, social settings for dying, interaction with the dying, customs and practices surrounding death, role transitions of survivors, and suicide. Special attention is given to issues of aging and dying.

SOCIOL 5573 Latin American Immigrants and Refugees in the U.S. Credits: 3

This course is the study of history, culture and societies of immigrants and US citizens of Latin American heritage living in the U.S.

SOCIOL 5580 Special Studies In Sociology Credits: 1-3

An opportunity to explore in depth topics not included in usual course offerings. One or more topics will be announced in advance of registration.

SOCIOL 5595 Directed Research Experience Credits: 3

Research project supervised by faculty.

SOCIOL 5597 Independent Readings Credits: 1-3

Intensive readings in an area selected by the student with prior consultation with the instructor.

SOCIOL 5599 Thesis And Research Credits: 1-6

Directed specialized research. Before writing a thesis, the student must clear the topic and research design with the Supervisory Committee. The course also involves the writing of the thesis.

SOCIOL 5699 Dissertation Research Credits: 1-12

Individual directed research leading to preparation and completion of doctoral dissertation.

SOCIOL 5899 Required Graduate Enrollment Credit: 1