Minor: Political Science

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • critically evaluate their political and social environment.
  • obtain an understanding of the workings of government and politics.
  • develop skills in critical thinking, analysis and communication.


A minor in political science requires the successful completion of 18 hours of coursework within the discipline. At least 9 hours must be at the 300- to 400-level. In addition, at least 9 hours must be earned at UMKC. Only courses in which a grade of C- or better is earned will count towards the minor. It is advisable for students to talk with the department advisor regarding course selection as some are offered on a rotation basis.

American Politics
American Government
Political Behavior
Parties and Interest Groups
Public Opinion
Politics In The American States
Political Psychology
Campaigns And Elections
Constitutional Law: The Federal System
Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties
Labor, Politics and Society
Labor Law
Legitimacy, Power, and the Survival of Political Systems
Judicial Politics
Comparative Politics
Introduction To Comparative Politics
Introduction to Comparative Politics and Research
Politics of Developing Countries
Terrorism And Political Violence
Western European Politics
Congress and Parliaments
British Politics
Seminar in Comparative Politics
Environmental Politics
Political Theory
Western Political Philosophy
Social And Political Philosophy
Women and Politics
Philosophy Of Law
Ethics and Government
International Relations
International Relations
American Foreign Policy
Latin America and International Relations
Immigration Politics and Policy: The United States in Cross-National Perspective
International Political Economy
Women and Conflict
Conflict Resolution
Concepts in International Relations