Urban Studies (URBAN ST)


URBAN ST 101 Introduction To Urban Studies Credits: 3

Introduction to Urban Studies is a lecture and discussion course that provides the undergraduate student with an overview of the interdisciplinary field of urban social science. The student who successfully completes this course will have a broad understanding of the major issues, vocabulary, basic methods, and prominent scholars in urban studies. We will explore current events of relevance, including the opportunities and problems facing major cities in the United States including Kansas City.

URBAN ST 101 - MOTR URBN 202: Intro to Urban Studies

URBAN ST 346 Urban Latin America Credits: 3

Introduction, overview, and analysis of major contemporary urban issues in Latin America.

URBAN ST 495 Urban Studies Internship Credits: 1-6

Students obtain directed practical experience working with non-profits,governments, or private enterprises. Duties will vary based on contractual agreement between the student, host organization, and the professor.

URBAN ST 499WI Urban Studies Seminar Credits: 3

This is the capstone course in the Urban Studies Program and is required for majors in the junior/senior year. Students critique urban research and prepare a paper and an oral presentation on an approved topic.

Prerequisites: ENGLISH 225.