Cello (CELLO)


CELLO 5300 Studio Class Credits: 0

Experiential lab where students gain orientation and experience with pedagogy, literature, and performance.

CELLO 5368 Instrumental Excerpts Credit: 1

Intended to introduce students to the standard instrumental repertoire for orchestra and chamber ensemble; class meets once weekly for an hour. Students will be expected to prepare and play selected ensemble excerpts.

CELLO 5500A Graduate Cello - Secondary Credits: 2

CELLO 5500B Special Applied Studies Credits: 2

One-hour lesson weekly. This course is for pedagogical or review purposes. An audition is required, and a jury for comments only may be held at the discretion of the division. May be repeated for credit.

CELLO 5500C Applied Study of a Second Instrument Credit: 1

One half-hour lesson weekly. Applied study for those students who wish to pursue applied study in an area other than, and in addition to, their primary performance study. No jury examination is required.

CELLO 5501 Graduate Cello - Masters Performance Credits: 4

CELLO 5601 Graduate Cello - Doctoral Performance Credits: 4