School (Grades K-12) Administration Emphasis Area

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • See student Learning Outcomes listed below

Student Learning Outcomes

The Aspiring School Administrator will:

  •  use multiple data to describe school climate and culture including demographic information regarding students, faculty, and community;
  •  develop a school improvement plan based on data and aligned with best practices;
  • communicate effectively with all stakeholders: students, staff, parents, community and central office administration;
  • engage in activities and best practices related to both formative and summative assessments to promote instructional improvement; and
  • identify legal implications related to school operations involving all stakeholders: students, staff, parents, community members, and central office administration.

Students begin their program of study with a cohort group of other potential school leaders and will take a series of 3-credit-hour block courses. Each cohort will work collaboratively throughout its studies and be led by University faculty.

Students will complete both individual and group projects, over the course of their degree program, and participate in field experiences each semester. While the three-block sequence is intended for school leaders at every level, it is expected that students will tailor their elective coursework and their culminating experience (practicum) to the building level at which they hold their teaching credentials.

Students who complete the master of arts in educational administration may be recommended for initial certification as a building administrator for Missouri. Passing score of 10 on the Missouri School Leaders' Performance Assessment and  passing score of 220 on Missouri Pearson Content Exam are required for principal certification in the state of Missouri. 

Degree Requirements

Theoretical and Functional Aspects of Educational Administration
EDUC-UL 5501Foundations Of School Leadership & Organization (Block I) 13
EDUC-UL 5502Building Administration And Management (Block II) 13
EDUC-UL 5503Student, Staff And Organization Development (Block III) 13
EDUC-UL 5507Instructional Supervision3
EDUC-UL 5515Governmental And Legal Aspects Of Education3
EDUC-UL 5518Leadership for School Improvement3
EDUC-UL 5520Data Driven Leadership for Reculturing Schools3
EDUC-UL 5574Administrative Practicum3
Related and Supporting Areas
Research - Select one of the following:3
Statistical Methods I
Principles And Methods Of Research
EDUC-C&I 5505Introduction To Curriculum Theory3
EDUC-UL 5525Cultural Foundations Of Education3
Total Credits33