Minor: Data Analytics

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • cleanse, visualize and analyze data
  • read and write logical arguments using mathematical symbols
  • build, validate and analyze basic data-based models
  • communicate analytical results effectively

Math majors can have up to 6 hours of overlap with the Data Analytics Minor.

Statistics - Take one of the following courses:3
Elementary Statistics
Business Analytics I
Introduction to Statistics in Sociology and Criminal Justice
Quantitative Methods In Psychology
Engineering Computation and Statistics
Introductory Programming & Data Analytics - Take all the following courses:3
Introduction to Data Visualization
Introduction to Diagnostic Analytics
Introduction to Predictive Analytics
Analytical Reasoning & Intermediate Data Analytics I - Take all the following courses:9
On Solid Ground: Sets and Proof
Discrete Structures I
Graph Theory with Applications
Machine Learning and Statistical Modeling
Intermediate Data Analytics II - Take one of the following courses:3
Data-Driven Modeling
Spatial Data Analysis
Business Analytics II
Data Visualization
Customer Data Analytics
Introduction To Mathematical Statistics I
Applied Probability
Introduction To Mathematical Statistics II
Internship/Practical Training in Mathematics or Statistics
Quantitative Planning Methods And Techniques
Total Credits18