Master of Medical Science Physician Assistant


The Master of Medical Science Physician Assistant degree is offered by the School of Medicine.   The mission of the program is to educate competent, compassionate, and culturally-aware Physician Assistants who are prepared to meet the healthcare needs of our community. Graduates will advance the Physician Assistant profession through clinical excellence, service, and dedication to professional stewardship.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • Demonstrate competency in interpersonal and communication skills
  • Demonstrate competency in medical knowledge
  • Demonstrate competency in professionalism
  • Demonstrate competency in practice-based learning and improvement
  • Demonstrate competency in systems-based practice
  • Demonstrate competency in interprofessional collaborative practice
  • Demonstrate competency in social, cultural, and community contexts of health care
  • Demonstrate competency in patient care


To complete the program graduate students must complete a 7-semester program of study. Within the program of study, successful students earn 129.5 credit hours, which includes 48 credit hours (12 months) comprised of clinical rotation experiences. Students must pass a summative evaluation during semester 7. Students must also maintain a 3.0 or better grade point average to receive the Master of Medical Science Physician Assistant degree.

Required Courses Include:

Year 1 Spring Semester (21 credit hours)
MEDPA 5501Anatomy for the Physician Assistant3
MEDPA 5502Foundations in Basic Medical Science4
MEDPA 5504Ethics, Law and Policy1
MEDPA 5505Clinical Assessment for the PA2
MEDPA 5511Clinical Practicum I1
MEDPA 5521PA Professions I1
MEDPA 5531Science and Practice of Medicine I9
Year 1 Summer Semester (14 credit hours)
MEDPA 5512Clinical Practicum II1
MEDPA 5522PA Professions II1
MEDPA 5532Science and Practice of Medicine II12
Year 1 Fall Semester (22 credit hours)
MEDPA 5513Clinical Practicum III1
MEDPA 5523PA Professions III1
MEDPA 5533Science and Practice of Medicine III20
Year 2 Spring Semester (25 credit hours)
MEDPA 5514Clinical Practicum IV1
MEDPA 5524PA Professions IV1
MEDPA 5534Science and Practice of Medicine IV19
MEDPA 5600 Clinical Rotation - May4
Year 2 Summer Semester (8.5 credit hours)
MEDPA 5600 Clinical Rotation - June4
MEDPA 5600 Clinical Rotation - July4
MEDPA 5581Professional Development for the PA0.5
Year 2 Fall Semester (20.5 credit hours)
MEDPA 5600 Clinical Rotation - August4
MEDPA 5600 Clinical Rotation - September4
MEDPA 5600 Clinical Rotation - October4
MEDPA 5600 Clinical Rotation - November4
MEDPA 5600 Clinical Rotation - December4
MEDPA 5581Professional Development for the PA0.5
Year 3 Spring Semester (18.5 credit hours)
MEDPA 5600 Clinical Rotation - January4
MEDPA 5600 Clinical Rotation - February4
MEDPA 5600 Clinical Rotation - March4
MEDPA 5600 Clinical Rotation - April4
MEDPA 5580Senior Seminar1
MEDPA 5581Professional Development for the PA0.5
MEDPA 5595Capstone1

MEDPA 5600s are a series of required and elective clinical rotations. Required clinical rotations include Family Medicine, Adult Internal Medicine, Women’s Health, Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, Behavioral Medicine, and Geriatrics. Student schedules are supplemented with additional 2 to 4 week elective rotations. 

Admission Requirements

Please visit our Admissions Page to learn about our requirements.