Graduate Study Application Procedure

In general, applications for admission to graduate study should be submitted online. Prior to submitting application materials, applicants are strongly encouraged to review the campus minimum requirements, program-specific requirements, consult an advisor or program director from the program(s) of interest, and review requirements for graduate level tests, when applicable.

Admission to a degree program is subject to the recommendations of the graduate faculty in the degree program area and the dean of the academic unit in which the program is offered. Graduate admission decisions by the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies or designated representative are final.

Applicants must submit an official transcript from the school where their bachelor's degree(s) were obtained. Unless the transcript of the degree-granting institution includes the complete record of undergraduate work taken at all other schools, an official transcript from each of the other institutions also must be supplied. In addition, applicants must submit an official transcript from each school where other coursework has been taken or degrees have been obtained after the bachelor's degree. All credentials submitted in support of the application for admission become UMKC property and will not be returned to students, nor will UMKC release copies of such credentials to a third party.

The graduate degree programs at UMKC have varying schedules for receiving, reviewing, and acting on applications for admission. Before applying, applicants should contact the principal graduate advisor or program director for the chosen degree to determine program-specific deadlines. Lists of the names of the current principal graduate advisors and program directors are available, on request, from the School of Graduate Studies.