Master of Music Education

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • MME students will investigate contemporary educational trends and their impact on their classrooms.
  • MME students will expand their musicianship skills in performance, rehearsal, and classroom environments.
  • MME students will reflect upon their own practice as music educators and make connections to their classrooms.
  • MME students will investigate and design creative teaching approaches and techniques.
  • MME students will use research related to music teaching and learning to help design music materials, curriculum, and assessment tools.

Required Courses

CONSVTY 5574Contemporary Issues in Music Education3
CONSVTY 5042Styles and Genres in Music3
CONSVTY 5500-5600 Music Theory3
choose ONE of the following courses:3
Advanced Methods in Elementary Music
Advanced Methods In Instrumental Music
Advanced Methods In Choral Music
choose ONE of the following courses:3
Academic Portfolio
choose ONE of the following research courses:3
Research for Music Teachers
Introduction to Descriptive Research in Music
Research and Analysis in Music and Behavior
Methods/Materials/Music Electives (e.g., CONSVTY 5445, 5446, 5584, 5540x, 5582x, 5583x, 5586x, 5587x, Summer Workshops, Applied Music)6
TOTAL: 30 hours minimum

Requirements for Admission to the Masters in Music Education Program

  • documented completion of a bachelor's degree in music education or the equivalent
  • have an acceptable interview with faculty from this discipline
  • provide evidence of musical proficiencies applicable to music education settings.