Credit Hour Requirements

In accordance with ABA Standards, a credit hour is determined as follows:

1. Student work standard

For each credit hour, a student should be expected to engage in at least 45 hours of academic work.

2. Classroom hours

For courses that involve regular direct faculty instruction in regularly scheduled classes, those 45 hours are ordinarily met through the following components:

a. Direct instruction of a minimum of 700 minutes per student. For classes scheduled over the course of a 14 week semester, this standard is met through a class meeting time of 50 minutes per credit hour.

b. Evaluation methods involving at least 50 minutes of engagement, and

c. Assignments that on average will results in 1500 minutes of out-of-class student work (2 clock hours for each classroom hour).

3. Other hours

For all other courses, field placements, clinical, co-curricular, and other academic work leading to the award of credit hours, students should be required to complete and report a record of 2700 minutes (45 clock hours) of academic work.

4. Cancelled classes.

Regularly scheduled classes that meet on Mondays or Fridays will not have sufficient classroom hours over the course of a 14 week semester because of Monday holidays and the Friday exam reading day. Therefore faculty in these courses will need to provide additional minutes. Likewise, circumstances sometimes require cancellation of a regularly scheduled class meeting, necessitating makeup. For these situations, faculty are required to notify the associate dean for faculty in writing of the method by which sufficient student work will be required.

5. Where a course or clinic has less than 700 minutes of regularly scheduled direct instruction per credit hour, the remaining minutes must be fulfilled through a method that meets the standards for individual or field work.

Approved by faculty August 19, 2021