Educational Specialist: Curriculum and Instruction

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • demonstrate critical thinking regarding advanced curriculum theory and practice-based research through interpretation, problem solving, evaluation, and analysis.
  • express their thinking clearly and professionally regarding advanced curriculum theory in written and oral communication.
  • treat students equitably and demonstrate the belief that all students can learn through their engagement with advanced curriculum theory and practice-based research.

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and may be obtained from and submitted to the Office of Admissions. Students are eligible for full admission to the Ed.S. program in Curriculum and Instruction if they have met the following requirements:

• Master's degree in an educational area with a minimum grade point average of 3.25

• Two years of teaching experience 

Program Requirements

A minimum of 36 hours of approved graduate work beyond the master's degree is required for the educational specialist degree, with at least 60 percent of the courses numbered 5500 and above.  Any courses on the 300 and 400 level included in the Ed.S. program of study must be accepted by the advisor and taken for graduate credit.

As soon as possible after admission to graduate study, students should seek to meet with the assigned faculty advisor to plan a program of study.  This program must be filed in the School of Education, Social Work and Psychological Sciences' Student Services Office and approved by the dean's representative during the student's first semester. A majority (80%) of new coursework applied to any graduate degree to be completed at UMKC must be taken at UMKC. Credits of transfer courses may be applied to the program if approved by the student's advisor and the Department Chair. Courses may be reviewed by a content specialist prior to advisor or Chair approval for similarity in content between courses. Transfer credit not included in a master's degree must not be more than 7 years old at the time of degree completion or graduation.

UMKC credit more than seven years old at the time of degree completion that has not been included on a master's degree is not applicable to an Ed.S. degree unless validated to the satisfaction of the School of Education, Social Work and Psychological Sciences and the School of Graduate Studies.  A maximum of 30 percent of coursework on the student's program of study may be validated under this procedure.  All validation must be completed by the end of the final semester of enrollment.

Curriculum Summary

Curriculum - four of the following:12
Introduction To Curriculum Theory
Curriculum Design
Curriculum & Instruction For The 21St Century
Survey Of Research In Curriculum
Seminars In Theories Related To Curriculum
Instructional Capacity - one of the following:3
Curriculum and Teaching for the College Classroom
Special Topics In Education (Topic: Introduction to Instructional Coaching; must take for 3 CH)
Instructional Technology - one of the following:3
Curriculum And Instruction In Technology
Assessing The Role Of Technology In Education
Research - one of the following:3
Statistical Methods I
Principles And Methods Of Research
Cultural Diversity - two of the following:6
Fundamentals of Culturally Responsive Pedagogy
Discipline Specific Pedagogy for Diverse Learners
Teaching Diverse Populations In Today's Classrooms
Multicultural Perspectives In Education
Critical Thinking - course below:3
Developing Multidisciplinary Problem Solving Skills
Culminating Experience - one of the following:6
Action Research For Practitioners
Practicum In Curriculum And Instruction
Research Project Review required for graduation
Total Credits36