Minor: Integrated Performing Arts

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • Students will evaluate the role of the arts as a reflector and shaper of society;
  • Students will demonstrate competence in one performance art (or combination of the arts), by means of original work
  • Students will communicate ideas and concepts in a coherent, logical, and compelling way for various audiences;
  • Students will develop familiarity of interdisciplinary opportunities in the performing arts
Integrated Performing Arts Minor

The 20-credit hour Integrated Performing Arts Minor calls for a required introductory course and final capstone course. The remaining credit hours (15) may be chosen from coursework in Dance, Music, and Theatre as listed below with at least one course taken in each area. Conservatory majors are not eligible to earn the Integrated Performing Arts Minor.

Students may apply: GECRT-AH 105 or  GECRT-AH 112 and GECDV 204 to the Minor. See degree audit for applicability.

At least nine (9) credit hours must be completed at UMKC at the 300-/400-level. 

* In some instances, coursework typically reserved for Majors in Dance, Music, and Theatre may be available to the IPA Minor student with the permission and/or audition for the discipline-specific Division Chair or Area Coordinator. *

Required courses:

CONSVTY 251Introduction to the Integrated Performing Arts3
CONSVTY 490CPerforming Arts Capstone2
The remaining 15 hours of additional coursework may be chosen from the following with at least one course taken in each area: 15
Analysis of Movement
Dance Science and Kinesiology
Fundamentals of Body Alignment and Pilates
Every Body Dances
Modern Technique For Non-Majors
Ballet Technique For Non-Majors II
Voice Class I
Fundamentals of Music Theory for Musicians
Beginning Piano for Non-Music Majors
History and Development of Rock and Roll
Introduction to World Music
Beginning Composition I for Non-Composition Majors
Music Therapy Foundations
Musicianship I (Pre-req: CONSVTY 103 or by exam; Co-req: CONSVTY 110)
Basic Techniques of Audio Recording I
Basic Techniques of Audio Recording II (Pre-req CONSVTY 202)
UMKC Aurum Chorale 1
UMKC Azure Chorale 1
Orchestra 2
String Orchestra 2
Jazz Band 2
Jazz Orchestra 2
Chamber Orchestra 2
Conservatory Wind Ensemble 2
Wind Symphony 2
Canticum Novum 1
UMKC Choral Union 1
Conservatory Singers 1
Conservatory Concert Choir 1
Principles of Arts Business
Arts Entrepreneurship
History And Development Of Jazz I
Music and Film
Applied Lessons 3
Introduction To Acting
Acting I
Introduction To Technical Production
Speech For The Theatre
Introduction To Design For The Theater
Movement For Actors
Theatre History I
Theater History II (Pre-req: THEATRE 350)
Total Credits20

1 Choral Ensemble participation requires a placement audition.

2 Instrumental Ensemble participation may be an option but is dependent upon openings within the ensembles, as well as a placement audition.

3 Applied music study (individual lessons) may be an option, but is dependent upon Faculty/GTA Studio availability, as well as an audition for the appropriate faculty and/or Area Coordinator.