Master of Music: Performance-Voice

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • 1. The student will demonstrate correct vocal technique required of a soloist.
  • 2. The student will synthesize and apply the historical and analytical components of music as it applies to the vocal repertoire;
  • 3. The student will identify and apply proper linguistic grammar, diction, and idiomatic pronunciation as it pertains to the operatic and art song repertoire;
  • 4. The student will demonstrate proper stage movement, musical/textual artistry, and acting skills through workshop and live performances;
  • 5. The student will examine and apply techniques of basic historical research in music.

Voice Emphasis

Required Courses

CONSVTY 5500-5600Music History3
CONSVTY 5500-5600Music Theory3
VOICE 5502Applied Voice2
CONSVTY 5593Introduction To Research And Bibliography In Music3
or CONSVTY 5593N Introduction to Research and Bibliography in Music
CONSVTY 5597Master's Recital 24
CONSVTY 5548Opera Literature2
Take the following course two times:8
Graduate Voice - Masters Performance 1
Take the following course two times:2
Vocal Coaching: Recital and Operatic Repertoire
Select one of the following courses:2
Advanced Vocal Literature: French Melodies
Advanced Vocal Literature: German Lieder
Advanced Vocal Literature: Nationalistic Art Songs
Advanced Vocal Literature: 20Th Century Amer & Engl Art Songs
Conservatory Choral Ensemble (2 semesters required) 2
CONSVTY 5577Advanced Vocal Diction2
CONSVTY 5517Advanced Opera Workshop: Audition Techniques1
Electives 32
Total Credits36


Not more than one-half the total hours counted toward the planned program may be in applied music and recitals.

A minimum of one semester of applied music (5501 or 5502) is usually required before the vocal solo recital. However, Voice Performance majors, with the approval of the Vocal Studies Division, may enroll in 5597 Masters Recital for any semester. The Master’s Recital is typically taken in either semester 3 or 4.

A student may not concurrently enroll in CONSVTY 5597 with either VOICE 5501 or VOICE 5502 in the same semester.

Diction Proficiency Test

The Vocal Studies Division Coaching Faculty will administer the Diction Proficiency Test for French, German and Italian during the first week of the fall semester. This proficiency test must be passed. Remedial diction courses may be recommended. If these remedial courses are taken for no credit/grade, students will be required to re-take and pass the proficiency test.

Language Requirement

All MM students in Voice Performance must receive a grade of B- (2.7) or better in a second-semester, freshman-level foreign language course.  Students must study French, German, or Italian.  Another language may be substituted provided the student documents language capabilities equivalent to the completion of a second-semester, freshman-level course and the substitution is approved by the Vocal Studies Division (VSD) faculty in advance.  A student who has not formally completed the required language courses, but is able to demonstrate competency at the suggested level, may petition to be tested by members of the voice or coaching faculty at a scheduled time during their UMKC audition day.  In such cases, a letter describing the process and results must be forwarded to the Chair of VSD and the Conservatory Associate Dean of Graduate Studies.

Opera Role

Each student in the MM in Voice Performance degree must audition for an opera role a minimum of two semesters. Students who are cast and accept a role in the opera productions are required to enroll in either CONSVTY 5516 (Major Role) or CONSVTY 5116 (Minor Role). The VSD Faculty will determine if a role is "major" or "minor," based on the level of difficulty of preparation and performance of the particular opera role. Enrollment in CONSVTY 5516 and CONSVTY 5116 will include vocal coaching hours during the rehearsal period for the assigned opera role. Opera auditions for the academic year will typically occur either at the end of the spring semester or the beginning of the fall semester.