Bachelor of Arts: Languages and Literatures

General Information

Initial Advising and Placement

A language placement* exam is strongly recommended for all students with previous foreign language experience in French, German or Spanish. The placement exam or the recommendation of a foreign language advisor will best determine a student's level, contributing to his or her success. Contact the department office for more information. Placement test website: Placement Exam | Humanities and Social Sciences | University of Missouri - Kansas City (

Consultation with an advisor is recommended for students who intend to major or minor in foreign languages.

*To determine the correct placement in a foreign language, please visit:

Transfer Credit

Transfer students normally may expect to continue their foreign language study at the next comparable level. On consultation with their advisors or the course instructors, and after taking the placement exam, students may be advised to do either remedial or more advanced coursework. No more than nine hours of transfer credit for 200- to 400-level courses are normally allowed toward degree requirements. Usually a maximum of six transfer credits can be applied to the minor.

Credit for study at a foreign institution will be granted, provided the courses proposed for study abroad have been approved in advance by a departmental advisor and endorsed by the department chair. When advance endorsement for credit is not obtained from the department, the credit is subject to approval by the department chair.

In cases where students have been engaged in an extended period (e.g., a year) of formal study at an approved academic institution abroad, transfer credit of more than nine hours may be granted, if approved by the department chair.

Credit by Examination

Beginning-level courses (110, 120) are not applicable toward requirements for the major. College credit for them may be earned by examination.

Departmental testing or "Credit by Examination," is also available for 211-level credit. Students should first speak to the appropriate language advisor. The form is available online here. A minimum grade of C is necessary to receive credit.

Attendance and Course Level

Class attendance

The nature of language acquisition is such that regular attendance, throughout the semester, is expected of all students enrolled for credit.

Course Levels

Course levels are generally indicated by the first digit of the course number. For example, 100-level courses are first-year courses, 200-level classes represent second-year courses, etc. Accordingly, students entering a 200-level French course must have completed FRENCH 110 and FRENCH 120, their equivalent, or show proof of second-year skill-level (such as Placement Test score). Successful completion of a second-year course (normally 211 and 221, their equivalent, or proof of appropriate skill-level) is required of all students who want to enroll in 300- or 400-level courses. Exceptions must have the approval of the student's foreign language advisor.

The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures offers a program of study leading to the bachelor of arts in Languages and Literatures with emphases in French, Spanish, International Studies, or Classics.

Learning outcomes are aligned with national and state standards on language and cultural understanding, and on national standards for language skill as reflected in the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language proficiency guidelines.

Emphasis Areas

Classical Languages and Cultures

French Language and Literature

Spanish Language and Literature

International Studies