Fields of study are listed in the first column. The actual undergraduate and graduate degrees or certificates to be earned are listed to the right of each field of study. Degrees, emphasis areas, and minors will appear on students' official transcripts.

Degree Programs (emphasis) College Undergraduate Graduate
Accounting Bloch BS MS
Advanced Education in General Dentistry Dentistry   GRCT
Anesthesia Medicine   MS
Anthropology A&S Minor  
Art History A&S Minor, BA MA, (i)PhD
Artist's Certificate Conservatory   GRCT
Astronomy A&S Minor  
Bioethics A&S   GRCT
Bioethics and Medical Humanities A&S Minor  
Bioinformatics Medicine   MS*
Biology SBS BA, BS*, Minor MA
Biomedical and Health Informatics Medicine   (i)PhD
Black Studies A&S Minor GRCT
Business Administration Bloch Minor, BBA* MBA*
Cell Biology and Biophysics SBS   (i)PhD
Cellular and Molecular Biology SBS   MS*
Chemistry A&S Minor, BA, BS MS*, (i)PhD
Civil Engineering SCE BS MS
Classical and Ancient Studies A&S Minor  
Clinical Research Medicine   GRCT
College Teaching and Career Preparation Graduate Studies   GRCT
Communication Studies A&S Minor, BA*  
Community College Leadership Education   GRCT
Computer Science SCE Minor, BA, BS* MS*, (i)PhD
Conducting Conservatory   MM, DMA
Counseling Psychology Education   PhD
Counseling and Guidance Education   MA*, EDSP
Creative Writing and Media Arts A&S   MFA*
Criminal Justice and Criminology A&S Minor, BA MS
Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Graduate Studies   GRCT
Curriculum and Instruction Education   MA*, EDSP*, (i)PhD
Dance Conservatory BFA  
Dental Hygiene Dentistry BS*  
Dental Hygiene Education Dentistry   MS*
Dentistry Dentistry   DDS
Early Childhood Education Education BA  
Economics A&S Minor, BA* MA, (i)PhD
Education Education   EdD
Educational Administration Education   MA*, EDSP*
Educational Foundations Education   GRCT
Educational Leadership, Policies and Foundations Education   (i)PhD
Electrical Engineering SCE   MS
Electrical and Computer Engineering SCE BS (i)PhD
Elementary Education Education BA  
Endodontics Dentistry   GRCT
Engineering SGS   (i)PhD
Engineering and Construction Project Management SCE   GRCT
English A&S BA* MA*, (i)PhD
English Creative Writing A&S Minor  
English Language & Literature A&S Minor  
English Manuscript, Print Culture, and Editing A&S Minor  
English Writing A&S Minor  
Entrepreneurial Real Estate Bloch   MERE
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Bloch Minor PhD, (i)PhD
Environmental Science A&S BS*  
Environmental Studies A&S Minor, BA  
Environmental Sustainability A&S Minor  
Environmental and Urban Geosciences A&S   MS
Exercise Science Education Minor  
Family Studies A&S Minor  
Film Studies A&S Minor  
Finance Bloch   MS
French A&S Minor  
Geographic Information Systems A&S UGCRT GRCT
Geography A&S Minor, BA, BS  
Geology A&S Minor, BA, BS  
Geosciences   (i)PhD
German A&S Minor  
German Studies A&S Minor  
Gerontology A&S Minor GRCT
Healing and Humanities A&S Minor  
Health Professions Education Medicine   GRCT, MPHE
Health Science SoNHS Minor, BHS  
Historic Preservation A&S   GRCT
History A&S Minor, BA MA*, (i)PhD
Holocaust Studies A&S   GRCT
Information Technology SCE BIT  
Interdisciplinary Leadership in Disability Studies SGS   GRCT
Jazz Studies Conservatory BM  
Labor Studies A&S UGCRT  
Language & Literacy Education   EDSP, MA
Languages & Literatures A&S BA*  
Latino/Latina Studies A&S Minor  
Law Law   JD*, LLM*
Lawyering Law   LLM*
Liberal Arts A&S BLA*  
Liberal Studies A&S   MA
Mathematics A&S Minor MS, (i)PhD
Mathematics & Statistics A&S BA, BS  
Mechanical Engineering SCE BSME MS
Medicine Medicine   MD
Medieval and Early Modern Studies A&S   GRCT
Middle School Education Education BA  
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry SBS   (i)PhD
Multi/Interdisciplinary SGS   PHD
Music Conservatory BA* MA*
Music Composition Conservatory BM MM, DMA
Music Education Conservatory BME* MME*, (i)PhD
Music Theory Conservatory BM MM
Musicology Conservatory   MM
Nonprofit Management & Innovation Bloch   GRCT
Nurse Educator SoNHS   GRCT
Oral & Craniofacial Sciences Dentistry   MS, (i)PhD
Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics Dentistry   GRCT
Pediatric and Congenital Cardiovascular Perfusion Medicine   GRCT
Performance Conservatory BM* GRCT*, MM*, DMA*
Periodontics Dentistry   GRCT
Pharmaceutical Sciences Pharmacy   (i)PhD
Pharmacology Pharmacy   (i)PhD
Pharmacy Pharmacy   PharmD
Philosophy A&S Minor, BA  
Physician Assistant Medicine   MMS
Physics A&S Minor, BA, BS* MS, (i)PhD
Political Science A&S Minor, BA MA
Propel Certificate A&S UGRCT  
Psychology A&S Minor, BA MA, PHD(clinical health), PHD(experimental health)
Public Administration Bloch   MPA*, (i)PhD
Public Health SoNHS Minor  
Reading Intervention Education   GRCT
Romance Language and Literature A&S   MA
Secondary Education Education BA*  
Social Work A&S   MSW
Sociology A&S Minor, BA* MA
Spanish A&S Minor  
Special Education Education   MA*
Statistics A&S   MS
Studio Art A&S Minor, BA MA
Taxation Law   LLM
Telecommunications & Computer Networking SCE   (i)PhD
Theatre A&S Minor, BA MA
Theatre: Acting & Directing A&S   MFA*
Theatre: Design & Technology A&S   MFA*
Urban Affairs Law   LLM
Urban Planning & Design A&S BA  
Urban Policy Administration Bloch   GRCT
Urban Studies A&S Minor, BA  
Women & Gender Studies A&S Minor  

 Indicates degrees with emphasis areas.


 Disciplines that participate in the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. program.