Graduate Certificate: Structural Engineering

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • Design structures made one or more of the materials such as wood, masonry, steel and concrete
  • Analyze complex structures subjected to both static and dynamic loads
  • Analyze and design bridge structures made of steel, concrete or prestressed concrete
CIV-ENGR 5517Advanced Structural Analysis3
CIV-ENGR 5521Matrix Methods of Structural Analysis3
CIV-ENGR 5523Advanced Structural Steel Design3
CIV-ENGR 5526Prestressed Concrete3
CIV-ENGR 5527Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design3
CIV-ENGR 5529Advanced Design of Structures for Blast and Fire3
CIV-ENGR 5575Seismic Design of Structures3

Total Hours: 12

Graduate Certificate in Structural Engineering, requires a total of four courses:

  1. Required (mandatory): two (6 credit hours) of the following courses.
    1. CE 5527; CE5523, CE5517, CE5526

2. Electives: two elective courses (6 credit hours) from 7 courses listed above