Master of Legal Studies

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • 1. Describe law and legal institutions relevant to the delivery of legal services in industry settings
  • 2. Appraise the applicability of laws and regulations to factual circumstances encountered in industry settings
  • 3. Design and implement a competent research strategy for legal problems appropriate to the resources available
  • 4. Illustrate effective communication of legal rules and legal analysis in an industry setting
  • 5. Judge the applicability of regulatory constraints applicable to work of non-attorneys outside of the direct supervision of licensed legal professionals

The Master of Legal Studies (MLS) provides master’s-level legal training for nonlawyers. It requires completion of 30 credit hours in a part-time, online modality over five semesters. Students will be required to take five introductory courses (11 credit hours) and two required capstone courses (3 credit hours).

The remaining 16 credit hours will be Elective/Emphasis course work. In addition to a general MLS, students may choose an emphasis in compliance law, health law, or human resources law, areas that are in high demand. To satisfy an emphasis, student must take at least 12 credits from approved emphasis course work as approved by the academic advisor from courses identified below or as approved by the advisor.

Required Coursework:
LAW 5001Legal Method3
LAW 5002US Legal Framework2
LAW 5003Professional Writing with Legal Issues3
LAW 5004Legal Research for Non-Lawyer Professionals1
LAW 5010Professional Ethics2
Elective/Emphasis Coursework16
Master of Legal Studies Bridge
Contract Formation, Review and Drafting (All Emphases)
Privacy Regulation (All Emphases)
Wellness Compliance (All Emphases)
Health Care Compliance (All Emphases)
Corporate Compliance (Compliance Law Emphasis)
Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance (All Emphases)
Legal Technology Competency
Administrative Law (Compliance Law Emphasis)
Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity & the Law (All Emphases)
Insurance Law (All Emphases)
Law, Medicine and Bioethics (Health Law Emphasis)
Environmental Compliance, Auditing and Permitting (Compliance Law)
Liability and Quality Issues in Healthcare (Health Law Emphasis)
Regulation, Organization, and Finance of Healthcare (Health Law Emphasis)
Employment Discrimination Law (Compliance Law and Human Resources Law Emphases)
Employment Law (Compliance Law & Human Resources Law Emphases)
Disabilities and the Law (Compliance Law and Human Resources Law Emphases)
Healthcare Policy & Advocacy (Health Law Emphasis)
Healthcare Economics & Quality (Health Law Emphasis)
Educational Experiences *
LAW 5011Learning from the Work Environment1
LAW 5012Capstone Portfolio2
Total Credits30