STAT 235 Elementary Statistics Credits: 3

An introduction to descriptive and inferential statistics. Organization and presentation of data, averages and variations, elementary probability, random variables, special discrete distributions, normal distributions, sampling distributions, point estimation, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing.

Prerequisites: MATH 110 (C- or higher), or ALEKS assessment score of 61% or higher.

STAT 436 Introduction To Mathematical Statistics I Credits: 3

Sample space, conditional probability, random variables, probability distribution functions and probability densities; transformations of random variables, mathematical expectation, conditional distributions and expectations, laws of large numbers and limit theorems, applications.

Prerequisites: MATH 250.

STAT 441 Introduction To Mathematical Statistics II Credits: 3

Sampling Distributions; point estimation; internal estimation; hypothesis testing; analysis of variance; nonparametric methods; statistical software applications; topics in Applied Statistics.

Prerequisites: STAT 436.

STAT 496 Internship/Practical Training in Mathematics or Statistics Credits: 1-3

This course provides an internship or other practical training arrangement using mathematics or statistics in an industrial, academic or other professional setting. Department approval of internship experience or practical experience required. Repeatable with up to a combined 3 credits toward the major.

Prerequisites: MATH 250.