Final Exam Policy

It is expected that every faculty member meet their classes during the scheduled final exam period in the scheduled room(s) for the final examination or other approved instructional activity. 

Whenever circumstances make necessary a deviation from the announced final exam schedule, approval for such deviation must be obtained by the appropriate department chair and unit academic dean as well as the Registrar.

Faculty should remain available to students throughout the entire semester (including finals week).  If circumstances necessitate faculty unavailability at any time during the semester, students should be notified, in writing, with alternate contact information (i.e., department head).

The Provost reserves the right to alter the final exam schedule due to extenuating circumstances.

Students having more than three final exams scheduled on one day may submit a written request to their Academic Dean’s Office to reschedule an exam.  The Dean’s Office will coordinate with faculty to reschedule the exam.