Master of Science in Anesthesia

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • Demonstrate competency in patient care including preoperative preparation/anesthetic plan, patient monitoring, airway management, patient positioning, and anesthesia record documentation
  • Demonstrate competency in integration of basic medical knowledge into clinical practice through application of concepts from foundational coursework in the clinical setting
  • Demonstrate competency in clinical management through mastery of skills in multitasking, problem solving, specialty specific management and techniques, responding to changes in patient status, and overall case management
  • Demonstrate competency in self-learning and professionalism
  • Demonstrate competency in communication with preceptors, operating room staff, other health professionals, and patients

Program Description

The Master of Science in Anesthesia program at the UMKC School of Medicine prepares students to become anesthesiologist assistants (AAs). The program mission is to graduate AAs with advanced specialized knowledge and skills and individuals who are compassionate, competent, ethical and patient-centered AAs who work within an Anesthesia Care Team.

Degree Requirements

To complete the program students must complete a 7 semester plan of study, which involves 111 credit hours of coursework, and at least 2000 clinical hours (obtained during Anesthesia Clinical Experience courses).  The minimum patient case requirements are outlined in the student handbook.  Students must also maintain a 3.0 or better grade point average to earn the Master of Science in Anesthesia degree.

Required Courses Include:

Semester 1 (January to May) (16.5 credit hours)

ANESTH 5505Anatomy for Anesthesiologist Assistants I1
ANESTH 5518Professionalism for the Anesthesiologist Asst I.5
ANESTH 5540Patient Monitoring and Instrumentation3
ANESTH 5556Physiology for Anesthesiologist Assistants I3
ANESTH 5560Introduction to Anesthesia2
ANESTH 5561Orientation to Simulation and Clinical Application5
ANESTH 5575Pharmacology for Anesthesiologist Assistants I2
Total Credits16.5

Semester 2 (May to August) (13.5 credit hours)

ANESTH 5528Professionalism for the Anesthesiologist Asst II0.5
ANESTH 5541Methods of Anesthesia I2
ANESTH 5557Physiology for Anesthesiologist Assistants II2
ANESTH 5558Anesthesia & Co-existing Disease I2
ANESTH 5563Anesthesia Clinical Experience I4
ANESTH 5576Pharmacology for Anesthesiologist Assistants II1
ANESTH 5585Physiological Model-based Simulation I2
Total Credits13.5

Semester 3 (August to December) (17.5 credit hours)

ANESTH 5506Anatomy for Anesthesiologist Assistants II1
ANESTH 5538Professionalism for the Anesthesiologist Asst III0.5
ANESTH 5559Anesthesia & Co-existing Disease II2
ANESTH 5565Anesthesia Clinical Experience II8
ANESTH 5577Methods of Anesthesia II3
ANESTH 5578Pharmacology for Anesthesiologist Assistants III2
ANESTH 5586Physiological Model-based Simulation II2
Total Credits18.5

Semester 4 (January to May) (17 credit hours)

ANESTH 5564Anesthesia Clinical Correlation II1
ANESTH 5567Anesthesia Clinical Experience III16
Total Credits17

Semester 5 (May to August) (13 credit hours)

ANESTH 5568Anesthesia Clinical Correlation III1
ANESTH 5569Anesthesia Clinical Experience IV12
Total Credits13

Semester 6 (August to December) (17 credit hours)

ANESTH 5570Anesthesia Clinical Correlation IV1
ANESTH 5571Anesthesia Clinical Experience V16
Total Credits17

Semester 7 (January to May) (16.5 credit hours)

ANESTH 5573Anesthesia Clinical Experience VI16
ANESTH 5548Anesthesiologist Assistant Senior Seminar0.5
Total Credits16.5

Admission Requirements

Please visit our Admissions Page to learn about our requirements.