Freshman Admission

Students interested in applying to UMKC have several options:

  • Automatic admission
  • Test-optional admission
  • Competitive admission
  • Provisional/Trial Admission
  • Mature Adult Admission

Regardless of the process under which you may be admitted, you should complete the high school 17 core requirements, submit high school transcripts, and, if necessary, submit an ACT or SAT score.

The 17 core requirements include the following courses (each unit equals on year in class):

  • Four units of English, one of which may be in speech or debate (two units emphasizing composition or writing skills are required).
  • Four units of mathematics (Algebra I or higher). This requirement may be satisfied by the completion of courses in middle school, junior high or senior high.
  • Three units of science (not including General Science). The three units of science must include a laboratory course and must include units from at least two of the following areas: physical science, biology, physics, chemistry and earth sciences. This requirement may be satisfied by the completion of courses in junior high or senior high.
  • Three units of social studies.
  • One unit of fine arts, to be taken in visual arts, music (e.g., band, orchestra, music appreciation, music theory), dance or theater.
  • Two units of a single foreign language or American sign language. This requirement may be satisfied by completion of courses in middle school, junior high or senior high.

Automatic Admission

The following chart outlines the minimum requirements for automatic admission within those academic units who allow automatic admission.  Applicants who self-report completion of the 17 core requirements, and who self-report a GPA and test score within the parameters outlined below, may be offered automatic admission. Students admitted under automatic admission must submit official, final high school transcripts before matriculating to UMKC.

Students interested in the following programs should look at the information under competitive admission: Architecture, Urban Planning, and Design; Conservatory, School of Dentistry; School of Medicine; School of Nursing; School of Pharmacy; and School of Law.

UMKC reserves the right to rescind an offer of admission if any misrepresentations on the application or in the supporting documentation are found.

Test-Optional Admission

Under the UMKC test-optional admission process, applicants with a 2.75 or University of Missouri System (UM) core GPA may be admitted to UMKC without submitting an ACT or SAT score. Depending on UM core GPA and completion of the required high school core curriculum (outlined above), students may be fully admitted to UMKC or conditionally admitted.

Students interested in the following academic programs are not eligible to be considered under the test-optional process and must submit an ACT or SAT score:

The following types of students must also submit an ACT or SAT score:

  • Students interested in automatic scholarships
  • Students who are homeschooled
  • Student-athletes

Students who apply test optional but do not meet certain core curriculum requirements may be admitted to UMKC conditionally, pending completion of an academic support program. These free support programs are designed to help the student transition successfully to UMKC.

  • Peer Academic Leadership (PAL) Program connects incoming students with a dedicated Peer Academic Leader as they begin their studies at UMKC. We strive to empower each student to achieve personal, academic and financial success by connecting students to resources and partners in their educational journey.
  • Summer Bridge Scholars Program is an academically rigorous, eight-week summer experience to prepare first-time college students for success at UMKC. In addition to earning college credit and improving their academic skills, Summer Bridge Scholars develop a sense of connectedness to the UMKC campus and the larger Kansas City community. Learn more about Summer Bridge.

Competitive Admission

Applicants interested in the following programs have special admission processes and must submit transcripts, test scores, and additional application materials (if required) in order to be considered for admission.

  • Architectural Studies
  • Conservatory
  • School of Dentistry and Dental Hygiene
  • School of Medicine Six-Year B.A./M.D. Program
  • School of Nursing and Health Studies
  • School of Pharmacy Early Assurance Program
  • Six-Year Law Scholars Program
  • Institute for Urban Education in the School of Education, Social Work and Psychological Sciences
  • Honors College

Please go to for more information on specific competitive admission requirements.

Provisional/Trial Admission

Applicants who do not qualify for admission under the automatic admission, test-optional admission or competitive admission processes may still be considered for provisional or trial admission. The Office of Admissions will conduct a holistic review of high school GPA, test score, and other relevant information in the application to determine if the applicant will be offered admission. (Additional documentation may be requested before a final admission decision can be made.) If offered admission, students may be required to participate in an academic support program.

Provisional or trial admission are not options for students interested in the following programs:  Six-Year Medicine, Conservatory, Architectural Studies,  and Engineering.

Mature Adult Admission

Students who graduate from high school more than five years from the time of application and have fewer than 24 transferable college credit hours may be considered for admission as a mature adult.  Students who qualify must submit high school transcripts, GED or HISET, college transcripts for any college coursework attempted, and ACT/SAT scores or a test waiver.