Master of Fine Arts: Creative Writing and Media Arts - Playwriting Emphasis

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • Show mastery of playwriting craft through the creation of a full-length manuscript of plays: a) is structurally sound; b) is polished and complete; c) has a distinct voice and/or vision.
  • Show evidence of effective problem-solving and revision strategies.
  • Demonstrate a deliberate, masterful command of language, including: a) style; b) grammar and mechanics.
  • Demonstrate, in the text or critical introduction, a proficiency in at least one genre outside of their primary field and the ability to apply the techniques of their secondary genres to the work they produce in their primary field of study.
  • Demonstrate sophisticated critical analyses of literary texts, including an understanding of how a text displays a writer’s artistic techniques and the ability to incorporate those techniques into their own writing.
  • Demonstrate thorough knowledge of the literary traditions of their primary genre and the ability to situate their own work within current literary conversations.


This emphasis follows the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Media Arts Program Requirements. Students must complete the following coursework for this emphasis:

I. 12 hours of craft workshop: Students choose 4 workshops in their core genre.

Theatre Department

THEATRE 437Playwriting I3
THEATRE 438Playwriting II3
THEATRE 415Beginning Directing3
THEATRE 5590HDirected Graduate Studies: Playwriting3-6

II. 6 hours of the interdisciplinary component. Students choose at least two craft, workshop, or production courses outside their core genre in English, Theatre, or Communication Studies.

ENGLISH 487FI/5487FICreative Writing Workshop3
ENGLISH 487NF/5487NFNonfiction Workshop3
ENGLISH 487PO/5487POCreative Writing Workshop3
ENGLISH 5549APublication Practicum1-3
ENGLISH 5549BPublication Practicum1-3
ENGLISH 5549CPublication Practicum1-3
ENGLISH 5550KGraduate Seminar: Creative Writing Prose3
ENGLISH 5555NGraduate Seminar: Prose Fiction3
ENGLISH 5555KGraduate Seminar In Creative Writing:Poetry3
ENGLISH 5555JGraduate Seminar English Language3
Media, Art & Design
FILM 354Introduction to Screenwriting3
FILM 385Documentary Production3
FILM 454Advanced Screenwriting3
FILM 5554Graduate Seminar: Screenwriting3

III. 12 hours of literature courses are required. 15 hours are recommended.

Students choose from among more than 65 literature courses listed below. Their principal focus will be in the core genre in which they plan to write their final portfolio, but they may also reach into other genres as well. With their advisor’s permission, students may also choose courses from other departments.

ENGLISH 5477CSClassical Studies3
ENGLISH 5477DHStudies in Digital Humanities3
ENGLISH 5477EMEarly Modern Studies3
ENGLISH 5477ES18th-Century Studies3
ENGLISH 5477MSMedieval Studies3
ENGLISH 5477NS19th-Century Studies3
ENGLISH 5477RCStudies in Rhetoric and Composition3
ENGLISH 5477SAStudies in Authorship3
ENGLISH 5477SGStudies in Genre3
ENGLISH 5477TS20th- and 21st-Century Studies3
ENGLISH 5500Graduate Study In English3
ENGLISH 5503Old English3
ENGLISH 5519Teaching Writing: Theories, Histories, Contexts, Practices3
ENGLISH 5533Histories Of Writing, Reading, And Publishing3
ENGLISH 5541Girls, Literacies, and Print Culture3
ENGLISH 5547Theory and Criticism in English Studies3
ENGLISH 5549APublication Practicum1-3
ENGLISH 5549BPublication Practicum1-3
ENGLISH 5549CPublication Practicum1-3

IV. 6 Hours of Thesis Portfolio: ENGLISH 5598A

V. 6 Hours Electives

From the list of literary classes above, students complete sufficient credit hours to bring the total of all requirements to 42 credit hours. With advisor’s approval, students may also select electives from other departments.