University College (UNIV)


UNIV 100 Academic Development Credits: 0-1

This course is designed to help students further develop needed critical thinking and academic skills. Students will have the opportunity to analyze individual learning behavior, and to learn, adopt, and apply critical thinking methods and academic skills that promote success in college.

UNIV 102 Career and Major Planning Credits: 2

The goal of this course is to provide assistance career/major exploration in order for students who have not declared their majors to make purposeful decisions about academic plans and career goals while fostering academic success. UNIV 102 is required for new transfer or transitioning UMKC students and for students having completed First Semester Experience in the previous term.

Prerequisites: University College Student.

UNIV 202 Next Steps in Career & Major Exploration Credit: 1

Designed to actively engage students in their educational and career-planning process by exploring factors that influence personal decision-making. While the course is practical and applied, it also addresses the broader view of work in our lives. The course will include discussion of factors that impact major and career decision-making in order to empower students to make an appropriate decision.

Prerequisites: UNIV 102.

UNIV 300 Peer Leadership Credits: 0-2

Designed for the study and practical application of leadership skills that will benefit Peer Leaders working with courses/laboratory instructors and students. Open to Peer Leaders only. May be repeated for a total of 3 hours. Course to be utilized by multiple academic units to support training efforts.