High School College Partnerships

High School College Partnerships (HSCP) duplicates the content of courses offered on campus, including the choice of textbooks, syllabi and examinations. All courses are evaluated using the same on-campus evaluation form. Some courses have prerequisites that must be completed before registration.

Dual Credit (DC) courses follow UMKC-approved curriculum and are taught by qualified, UMKC-approved high school instructors who meet all the requirements for faculty teaching in institutions of higher education, as stipulated for accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission.

Digital program courses are taught by UMKC faculty members. Trained facilitators — usually high school teachers — regulate the flow of information to students and assume the role of master learner.

Participate in dual-enrollment courses and experiences on campus. Enrollment is awarded competitively. 

Courses offered at participating high schools may vary. Check with your school counselor for course availability.

Dual Credit Courses offered by HSCP

ART 112Foundation Drawing3
BIOLOGY 102Biology and Living3
BIOLOGY 102LBiology and Living Laboratory1
BIOLOGY 218Introductory Anatomy3
BIOLOGY 218LIntroductory Anatomy Laboratory2
CHEM 211General Chemistry I4
CHEM 211LExperimental General Chemistry I1
CHEM 212RGeneral Chemistry II4
CHEM 212LRExperimental General Chemistry II1
CHINESE 110Elementary Chinese I5
CHINESE 120Elementary Chinese II5
CHINESE 221Second Year Chinese II3
COMM-ST 110Fundamentals of Effective Speaking and Listening DP3
COMM-ST 212Argumentation And Debate3
Computer Science
COMP-SCI 101Problem Solving and Programming I DP3
COMP-SCI 101LProblem Solving & Programming I Lab1
COMP-SCI 201RProblem Solving and Programming II3
COMP-SCI 201LProblem Solving and Programming II - Lab1
CONSVTY 103Fundamentals of Music Theory for Musicians2
ECON 201Principles of Macroeconomics3
ECON 202Principles of Microeconomics3
TCH-ED 160Introduction to Teaching3
ENGLISH 110Introduction to Academic Prose DP3
ENGLISH 124Writing About Literature3
ENGLISH 126Popular Literature3
ENGLISH 214Introduction To Fiction3
ENT 215Introduction to Entrepreneurship3
Environmental Science
ENV-SCI 110LUnderstanding the Earth Laboratory2
ENV-SCI 110RUnderstanding the Earth: Introduction to Environmental Science and Laboratory3
FRENCH 110Elementary French I3
FRENCH 120Elementary French II3
FRENCH 211Second Year French I3
FRENCH 221Second Year French II3
FRENCH 280Special Intermediate French Topics I1-4
GERMAN 110Elementary German I DP3
GERMAN 120Elementary German II3
GERMAN 211Second-Year German I3
GERMAN 221Second-Year German II3
Health Sciences
HLSC 101Introduction to Health Sciences2
HLSC 125Medical Terminology1
HISTORY 101U.S. History to 1877 DP3
HISTORY 102U.S. History Since 1877 DP3
HISTORY 201European History to 16003
HISTORY 202European History since 16003
HISTORY 206World History To 14503
HISTORY 208World History since 14503
MGT 100Foundations of Business3
MATH 110Precalculus Algebra DP3
MATH 116Mathematics For Liberal Arts3
MATH 120Precalculus5
MATH 125Trigonometry2
MATH 210Calculus I4
MATH 220Calculus II4
Mechanical Engineering
MEC-ENGR 130Engineering Graphics3
PHYSICS 210General Physics I4
PHYSICS 220General Physics II4
PHYSICS 240Physics For Scientists and Engineers I5
Political Science
POL-SCI 210American Government DP3
POL-SCI 220Introduction To Comparative Politics3
PSYCH 210General Psychology DP3
REGS 200Introduction to Race, Ethnic, and Gender Studies3
Social Sciences
GECRT-SS 108What's Race Got To Do With It?3
SPANISH 110Elementary Spanish I3
SPANISH 120Elementary Spanish II3
SPANISH 211Second Year Spanish I3
SPANISH 221Second Year Spanish II3
SPANISH 280Special Intermediate Spanish Topics I1-4
SPANISH 290Special Intermediate Spanish Topics II1-4
STAT 115Statistical Reasoning3
STAT 235Elementary Statistics3
Teacher Education
TCH-ED 160Introduction to Teaching3
THEATRE 113Introduction To Technical Production3
THEATRE 130Foundations Of Fine Arts Theatre3