Minor: German Studies

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • attain at least Intermediate-mid reading, writing, listening and speaking proficiency in a foreign language (according to the ACTFL proficiency levels).
  • interpret a variety of frameworks of German culture, such as its economies, histories, politics, religions, and/or societies.
  • analyze cultural practices as dynamic elements in the construction of identity.
  • advocate for cultural diversity in human endeavors
  • explain the role of language and culture as modes of human expression within their interdisciplinary context.
  • critique cultural-historical artifacts, including language itself.

The German Studies minor consists of 18 hours selected from the list of approved courses, of which a minimum of 6 credits must be in German language and a minimum of 9 credit hours at the 300- or 400-level. Up to 12 credits may come from classes listed in the Elective Course List, but these courses apply only if the student’s project focuses on a German topic. A maximum of six credit hours can count toward both a major and the German Studies minor.

Approved Course Offerings

Required Coursework:6
Please refer to the Foreign Language Placement information in the catalog. https://catalog.umkc.edu/undergraduate-academic-regulations-information/foreign-language-placement/
Elementary German I
Elementary German II
Second-Year German I
Special Topics
Comparative Histories of Modern Germany
Holocaust and Comparative Genocides
Other Elective Possibilities:
Any course where the student has done a significant research or creative project on a German subject may be approved to apply toward their electives in this minor. Below are some courses that have been approved previously.
Medieval Civilization I
World War One through its Artifacts
Media, Art and Design:
World Currents of Contemporary Art
Topics in World Cinema
Political Science and Philosophy:
Introduction To Comparative Politics
Western European Politics
World Languages and Cultures:
Themes in World Cultures
Total Credits18