Minor: International Studies

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • Discuss the political and economic features of regimes around the world
  • Identify the structures and foundations of the international system
  • Describe the history and culture of another region of the world
  • Describe the political and economic structures that influence how countries interact with each other

Degree Requirements

  • The requirement for the International Studies (IS) minor is 18 hours of International Studies coursework. Courses will only count toward the minor if a grade of C- or better is earned.
  • At least 9 hours must be at the 300/400 level. At least 9 hours must be earned at UMKC unless the student participates in a study abroad program, in which case up to 12 hours may be transferred.
  • Students may count up to 6 hours from their major, with approval, toward the minor.
  • Additional courses may fulfill requirements with the approval of the International Studies minor advisor.
  • Minors are encouraged to study abroad and students can count up to 9 hours of study abroad coursework toward the minor with approval of the IS minor advisor.

  • Students are encouraged to complete an internship and can count up to 3 hours of an internship toward the minor with approval of the IS minor advisor.

Course Requirements

International Studies Core
POL-SCI 220Introduction To Comparative Politics3
or POL-SCI 221 Introduction to Comparative Politics and Research
POL-SCI 230International Relations3
Political and Economic Awareness6
Politics of Developing Countries
Terrorism And Political Violence
Women and Politics
Western European Politics
Latin America and International Relations
Congress and Parliaments
British Politics
Conflict Resolution
Seminar in Comparative Politics
Concepts in International Relations
International Trade And Development
International Finance
Social and Cultural Awareness 6
Globalization and Development
World Currents of Contemporary Art
Arts Of African and New World Cultures
Asian Art
Foundations Of Ancient World Literature I
World Literature in English
British Literature I
British Literature II
Second Year French II
Themes in World Cultures
World Geography I
World Geography II
Second-Year German II
Colonial Latin America (From the Encounter to the Early 19th Century)
Modern Latin America
Comparative Histories of Modern Germany
Globalization and Development
Second Year Spanish II
Any 300- or 400-level FRN-LNG, FRENCH, GERMAN, SPANISH course
Total Credits18