Life Sciences - Biochemistry (LS-BIOC)


LS-BIOC 341 Basic Biochemistry Credits: 3

One semester course covering the properties of organic compounds important to biological systems. Structures, characterization and reactions of common compounds and their relationship to the building blocks of biological systems will be discussed. Recommended preparation: BIOLOGY 202, CHEM 320 (or CHEM 322R).

LS-BIOC 360 Biochemistry Credits: 3

Introduction to modern biochemistry. Structure and function of biologically important compounds, major biochemical pathways and their regulation in animals, plants and microorganisms, and the molecular and biochemical basis of gene function will be studied. Recommended preparation: BIOLOGY 202, BIOLOGY 206, BIOLOGY 441, CHEM 320 (or CHEM 322R).

LS-BIOC 370 Pharmacy Biochemistry Credits: 4

The chemistry and mechanisms involved in biosynthesis, degradation and utilization of the major constituents of living systems, and the biochemistry of specialized tissues, hormones, nutrition and regulation with a focus on application to clinical pharmacy practice.